Milx is a company created by three moms working to modernize motherhood, two boobs at a time.

The Milx Bra is a sleek sports bra with nursing and pumping functionality, designed for the active mom who is looking to somehow sustain new life on top of her already busy schedule (NBD).

Unlike other nursing and pumping bras out there, the Milx Bra has a simple and stylish design. It works with all pumps, and the moisture-wicking spandex fabric conforms to boobs of all shapes and sizes and helps with sweat or (the less sexy) leakage.

Milx wants moms feeling confident and comfortable nursing and pumping whenever they need to, for however long they want to, without compromising style. 

Multi-Pack for Maximum Momage (and Maximum Value)

Milx Bra 2-Pack - 2 moms with babies


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The OG hands free nursing/pumping sports bra
2 Milx Bras in Black

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Advanced multi-pack so you're never without Milx

Milx Bra 3-Pack - 3 moms with babies


Save $20.97 (normally $237.00)

The OG hands free nursing/pumping sports bra
3 Milx Bras in Black

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