Our Story

Melanie and Jess meet right before 7th grade begins. They partner together on a book report project in English, get 100 with a smiley face, and become instant best friends for life.

Marisa and Jess work together at Google and become close friends. Although not yet moms, they are both surrounded by friends who are moms and would often discuss the obvious holes in the marketplace for modern products that could make moms' lives easier.

Jess gives birth to daughter, Layla. Loves nursing but finds it hard (DUH). First time pumping, she uses a hands free bra that immediately rips. Throws it in rageful fit after each frustrating use. After one said pumping fit, Jess cuts holes in a sports bra and makes a DIY hands free pump bra- she LOVES IT! Her baby feels relieved with the sudden decrease in flying bras.

Jess sends gleeful topless selfies in her pump bra to Mel and Marisa often, loving how comfy, cool, and secure the bra is. She wishes she could wear it all day, but her current DIY bra has holes in the middle that worked for Regina George but not so much for new mom Jess.

Marisa gives birth to daughter, Malena. Jess is so happy to welcome Malena to the world, but equally happy to have a new guinea pig mom to test out her pump bra. Marisa adds a feature to allow for nursing in the amazing bra. What CAN'T this thing do?

Melanie, not yet a mom but witness to her friends happily pumping and nursing, says to Jess and Marisa, "guys- the mom marketplace needs to be modernized! Let's do it and start with this amazing bra for new moms!"

Jess and Marisa respond "Are you nuts? Adding a new company on top of our full time jobs + new babies? When we have no manufacturing experience? But... this bra is the t*ts. OK let’s do it!”

Marisa, Mel, and Jess are accepted to an accelerator program in NYC, Tacklebox, that takes startups from an idea to the first stage of a business. They’re pumped, and never look back.

2 years, 5 prototypes, several factories, and dozens of mom testers later... bra protoype is finalized and the first Milx bra is born!

Team Milx enters pitch contest with The Skimm, shoots webisode in LA and wins! Video airs on Facebook Watch and gets over half a million views.

Melanie, feeling FOMO and for business purposes, gets pregnant with her first. Two months later, Marisa is pregnant with #2!

Milx launches, boobs and babies everywhere rejoice!