5 Tips for Managing Stress as a New Mom

By Jessica Calef

5 Tips for Managing Stress as a New Mom

Being a new mom is overwhelming. Throw a pandemic into the mix and those already intense feelings can be magnified. Thanks to Dr. Rachel, a clinical psychologist, fellow mom, and speaker who takes a holistic approach to health, we've got some tools to support us in managing stress as we navigate these unprecedented times with a baby in tow. 

1. Be kind to yourself! Motherhood is tough, but now we have a pandemic on top of our daily stressors.

2. Stay connected. Reach out to people who you find support in. This is not the time to be isolating yourself emotionally.

3. Be okay asking for help. You can't do it all yourself, but you can ask for help. Be assertive and ask for what you need, if that's for someone else changing the next diaper or you able to sleep in for a few minutes.

4. Remember that you can't pour from an empty cup. Take time out for you. You may be thinking you have no time, and I get it, but think of micro practices you can do. For instance, while you are washing your hands take a few deep breaths, or while you are pumping or breastfeeding, use that time for you. 

5. Remember no one is perfect. You are juggling a lot, so good enough truly is enough! Be kind to yourself. 

Dr. Rachel specializes in the mind-body connection, including stress reduction, the treatment of obesity, weight management, and health behavior change.  She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and has a private practice in NYC. She is a sought after expert who has been featured in many media outlets, including The New York Times, TIME magazine, CNN, USA Today, Shape, and Women’s Health.  She loves sharing her knowledge and helping individuals live happier and healthier lives by promoting positive behavioral changes. She lives in NYC with her husband and 2 year old son and has learned to blend her work and mom life by #makingitwork. 


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