Grab Your Gal Pal and Your Milx Bra for V-Day Self-Love

By Ruchi Dhami

Grab Your Gal Pal and Your Milx Bra for V-Day Self-Love

In addition to empowering the nursing and pumping moms to find comfort and confidence through the Milx bra, we’re firm believers in self-care for our minds, bodies, and spirits. We appreciate the power of a good workout — as a wise woman once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” (Yes, I quoted Elle Woods — no, I don’t regret it.) Chemical releases aside, there are few things more gratifying than the feeling of accomplishment after completing a workout, knowing that you carved out time for yourself and have taken care of your body. Looking beyond ourselves, our co-founder Jess recently shared how she hopes that her commitment to self-care inspires her daughters to grow up loving and nurturing their own bodies.

This Valentine’s Day, in the spirit of self-love, we partnered with our Galentine and forever inspiration Kate Jesuele, founder of BodyWiseMama, a fitness platform tailored to prenatal and postpartum women, to put the Milx bra to work. In her strength training class designed specifically for active nursing moms, Kate leads women through a series of empowering moves for a total body workout that will leave you feeling strong and refreshed. This workout doesn’t require much time, space, or equipment — so grab your favorite Galentine and your favorite Milx bra (and your little babe, too!), and join in the fun!

Did you love this workout as much as we did? Milx mamas can get $10 off BodyWiseMama’s Bump to Birth or Warrior Mama memberships using promo code MILX10 until 2/29/2020.


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