2020 Milx Manifesto

By Ruchi Dhami

2020 Milx Manifesto

Welcome to 2020, Milx mamas! We hope you’re feeling refreshed and recharged for the year ahead — or if you were like us and spent the holidays chasing after toddlers and babies, maybe a little ready to get back into the swing of things of business as usual.

Like everyone else, we at Milx HQ feel that gravitational pull of starting fresh at the mark of the new year, even if we’re a little non-traditional with our resolutions. We believe in recommitting to ourselves, and as part of that, we’re setting our intentions for the year.

We can’t help but feel like the year 2020 is the perfect symbol of vision and perspective, and we wanted to share our personal manifesto with our fabulous community of new moms, moms-to-be, and aspiring moms. To help us put into words what we feel, we partnered with Kate Jesuele, founder of BodyWiseMama with an incredible soul for supporting women throughout their motherhood journey. We hope that you find peace and focus through these mini-mantras, and return to them throughout the year, just like we will, when you need to recenter.

The 2020 Milx Manifesto

Be a mother to yourself first.  
As moms, we often put ourselves last in line to be nurtured, loved, and cared for. But without that self-care, we quickly deplete our energy stores, and end up having less and less to give our children and our partners. Just as we mother our children, we give ourselves permission to tend to ourselves: our bodies, our minds, and our souls.

Struggle is the space through which strength grows. 
We all hope that 2020 is the year of positive vibes only, but life is never so predictable. Obstacles will cross our paths. But this year, we remind ourselves that challenges are really opportunities to grow, learn, and become the women we are meant to be. Convert every roadblock into a building block, and amass more strength than ever before. 

Listen to the wisdom of your body.
Our bodies tell us exactly what they need. It is up to us to listen and proceed accordingly, not just for ourselves

Movement is motivation. Just get moving.
We have the power to move forward. Whether physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or behavioral movement, we empower ourselves with the energy and willpower to propel ourselves forward with conviction and purpose.

Get comfortable with discomfort.
Mom life is riddled with the uncomfortable and the unforeseen, but these are the moments that remind us of our goddess power. Resistance and shakiness will not fool us into thinking we are not strong, but rather, remind us that the space where discomfort exists is also the space where we shine the brightest.

Breathe responsively, not reactively, to what you’re feeling. 
Our breath tethers to our behavior and actions. By breathing responsively, we infuse mindfulness and consideration into our feelings, allowing ourselves the time and space to act with intention.

Looking to incorporate physical and spiritual fitness into your year? Kate and the BodyWiseMama team are offering Milx moms a free consultation and $10 off the Bump-to-Birth or Warrior Mama memberships using promo code MILX10. 


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